Installation using PEAR

Probably the easiest way of installing the Hyphenator-package is using the PEAR-Installer

Only the following two steps are needed:

pear channel-discover
pear install org.heigl/Hyphenator

Installation using packagist

The Hyphenator-package can also be installed via packagist. Simply include the following in your composer.json-File:

    "require" : {
        "org_heigl/hyphenator": "2.0.*"

After that you can run packagist using

php composer.phar install

Installation from a downloaded package

This installation is not much more complicated and probably the best way for hosted installations

  1. Take the Org-Folder and place it somewhere your include-path reaches it.
  2. Optionally you can copy the folder Org/Heigl/Hyphenator/shared to any location you like and set the HYPHERNATOR_HOME-Environment Variable or PHP-constant to that path before invoking the Hyphenator for the first time.
  3. Register the autoloader by calling OrgHeiglHyphenatorHyphenator::registerAutoload()
  4. Hyphenate!

Installed Hyphenation-Patterns

This package includes hyphenation-patterns for the following locales. These are taken from the svn-directory of the hosted at For more inforamtions have a look at This Link will break as soon as the comes out of the apache-incubator.

  • af_ZA
  • ca
  • da_DK
  • de_AT
  • de_CH
  • de_DE
  • en_GB
  • en_UK
  • et_EE
  • fr
  • hr_HR
  • hu_HU
  • it_IT
  • lt_LT
  • nb_NO
  • nn_NO
  • nl_NL
  • pl_PL
  • pt_BR
  • ro_RO
  • ru_RU
  • sk_SK
  • sl_SI
  • sr
  • zu_ZA

These are the hyphenation-files that are included in If you found another hyphenation-file, feel free to contact me or the!

All other locales will simply not be hyphenated but the string to be hyphenated will be returned “AS IS”